Are You Taking Care Of Your Customers After the Job is Done?

January 14th, 2016

Take Care of Your Cusomters | Competition


Pleasing your customers can be a good thing for your business. You might be doing the right job but how you treat your customers after the job matters a lot. You should make the customer feel like they want to see more of you. Your employees should be jovial and interesting yet professional while at work.

A few hours of happy faces will earn you bonus points to a customer. You have to do more than quality work if you want to stay ahead of competition. How you treat your customers during and after the job is done, will determine if you are the one they reach out to next time.

Do your employees offer to come back and check on the condition of the job they have completed?

This will show great care and concern. By offering to come back and check on the condition of the job will be a sign of care which will keep the customer interested.

Do your employees test what they have fixed while the customer is watching?

If your employees are fixing a clogged kitchen sink, it is fair that they should test if the job is done right after it is complete. The customer will feel satisfied and not cheated.

Do you offer a discount for a next time job?

This will certainly sell your business. If you reward your customers, through discount, for a next time job, they will surely come back for your help when a problem comes up, which requires your services.

After the job is complete, do your employees ask if that is all?

If you are a plumbing company, there may be other minor plumbing problems in the house still undone. By asking the customer if that is all, you will be inviting them to open up. This will show that you care enough to fix the problem at no extra charge.

Do your employees give positive compliments about the house of the customer?

After completing the job, you should say something like, “Wow! I love your house; you have a beautiful home”. This will spark an informal relationship between your employees and the customer.

Are your employees in a hurry to get out of the house after completing the job?

Being in a hurry will paint a negative image. You should not be in a hurry to leave. Leave the house clean and neat. This will show concern for the customer.

Do they politely give advice on how to prevent such a problem in the future?

Professional advice goes a long way in creating a close relationship with your customers. It shows great care on how a customer can prevent a similar problem in future.


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