The Top 10 Ways to Invest in Your Employees without Spending Any Money

June 30th, 2015

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Employees provide a reliable asset to improve the performance of your company. The workforce is the largest investment and thus the most essential component for the success of your company (Sage white paper – ROEI). Any form of expense that is directly related to your employees should be treated as an investment. However, you can invest in your employees without spending a dime in the following ways:

Flex working hours

Employees will feel motivated when the working hours are manageable. You can flex the working hours in such a way that it will convenience your employees. The work schedule should accommodate personal or family issues such as doctor’s appointment and other personal errands. Do you have a habitual late worker? Move his start time later in the day. Problem solved.

Handwritten thank you note

A handwritten thank you note will come as an appreciation for the employee. He or she will feel officially recognized and valued in the company. They will not feel like they are just a number.

Help your employees connect

You can make it easy for employees to connect with suppliers and top management. Introduce them personally to high-ranking officials of the company and major suppliers. This will motivate them in general.

Reward their efforts

In some cases, those who put the most effort in a project don’t end up being successful in it. You should reward such employees by having them recognized. It will thus motivate them to do better on the next project.

Celebrate your employees

Employees need to feel appreciated. You can organize a weekly special yet simple one-day fun event. For example, ask your employees to come in funny attire on Wednesdays. When was the last time you bought a birthday cake for an employee?

Reserve them a parking spot

It will mean a lot if you reserve a parking lot for your employees. They will feel appreciated and thus motivated to work. Go out of your way to print up a sign to put on a fence or a post.

Make their successes public

If an employee shows excellent performance in a certain project, you should reward them while others watch. Put a picture of your employee with a small comment on your website for employee of the month. This will motivate the employee and other workmates to succeed and receive the same recognition. Do you have levels your employees can achieve? A level 3 employee?

Send a card to their home address

Send a thank you card to their home address indicating how you are grateful for the work the employee has put in the company. In return, the employee will be more loyal to a company that takes care of them and remembers the small stuff.

Give them freedom to choose an interesting project at work

Some projects might not be appealing, and this can lower the morale of employees. Give them the freedom to introduce a new product or sales process. Make them the reason for the meeting.

Invite a spouse for lunch in the company

You can surprise an employee, who has performed well, by inviting their spouse for lunch to the company.

Appreciating employees is a great way to build morale, but it is better to indicate clearly the reasons why you appreciate them. This will motivate them to be more productive in future.


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