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October 20th, 2016

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As every employer hires new techs, “etiquette” is becoming more of a sales tool.  Your company must stand out as thestand-alone, local example and elite service company. After all, that is what your in business for, to get more business….right?  These are a few etiquette guidelines to go by for your techs.  There will be another “etiquette” segment on secretaries and office managers at a later date.

Service technicians are to be professional, kind and courteous.  Every technician should be mindful that they are representing their company at all times in the field.

Something else to remember that is heavily debated is the saying, “the customer is always right”.  My take is that the customer is always right, because it’s there house.  If they want you to put a kitchen faucet as the Jacuzzi tube faucet, it’s their house.  It will be up to the tech to explain why it is not a good idea.  If the directions clearly state, “this faucet is not to be used any other ways”, it’s up to the tech to note that in the invoice with no implied or expressed warranties or guarantees.  The only situation the customer would be wrong is if it’s against code and a safety hazard that can endanger the customer.  Techs need to walk away from jobs where the customer is insistent on having them violate a dangerous code violation.

The following guidelines have been set up so that you can provide the best quality of service available.  We believe this professional behavior will generate more business in the future and set examples for other companies.

  • Be enthusiastic and grateful and thank the customer for calling your company.

  • Be clean, smell good and well groomed for during the workday.

  • Make sure your vehicle is clean and presentable.

  • NEVER park in a customer’s driveway unless their house is a far distance from the street.  Park on the street where the customer can see it (optimally the vehicle should be parked so the customer can see it over your shoulder when they open the door).

  • Do not park in front of any garage door, unless the work to be done is in the garage.

  • Do not use slang or curse words.

  • Bring your briefcase or price guide to the door with you.

  • Give a polite greeting, extend a business card to the client and introduce yourself - address the client using their surnames.  Example "Mr. Smith" or "Mrs. Smith", or “Yes Ma’am” or “No sir”.

  • Wait to be invited in, and always remember to put on your protective booties, explaining that you do not want to soil their floors.

  • Ask if they could explain to you what the problem is.

  • Quietly diagnose the problem using the camera to take pictures of hard to see problems.

  • After fully diagnosing the problem walk through the situation with the client – "do not use tech talk", explain the situation in layman terms so they can understand. Sit down with the client with the flat rate guide and discuss what the options are.

  • Always start with the non-service agreement contract price options and work your way down to the least expensive options.

  • Mention the service contract and all of the benefits that it provides.

  • Offer to talk with the clients spouse on the phone if they are unsure whether they want to get the work done.

  • Once the work has been approved, ask if you can begin the work.  Example "If it is all right with you I would like to start the work now".  

  • Never put tools anywhere but on the red carpet mat that your company provides you.

  • Use the red carpet whenever you are doing any type of work within the house.  Have more than one project going at a time if you are doing multiple tasks for the client – you will appear more productive.

  • Walk briskly to and from the vehicle for supplies – This shows the customer that they are getting their money’s worth.  

  • Clean up after yourself when you complete a job – make the area nicer than it was before you arrived.

  • If the client offers to clean up the area for you, refuse, but do not argue with the customer – let them know it is company policy for you to clean up after yourself.

  • Be proactive and always look for extra work around the client’s house before you leave.  This will show concern for the customer.

  • Make them aware of what you have noticed and make sure they are aware of the “add on” price for the extra work.

  • Leave the client with a pleasant goodbye and a smile and graciously thank them for allowing you the opportunity to work in your house. E.g., “Mrs. Smith, it has been an absolute pleasure to do work for you.  I hope that you and our company can work again in the future together”.

  • Finish your paperwork in the truck before you leave for your next call - your time at each site is determined by the time you park the truck to the time you pull away.

I hope this has answered your “etiquette” questions.  You can always email us with other questions that may have not been mentioned in this segment.

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