The Benefits The Different Trades Have Using The Price Book App.

December 15th, 2016

Using the Price Book App for Your Trade Business

If your company provides a service, meaning, you provide a service to residential customers and receive payment upon the completion of that job, than this application is exactly what you need.  

Service industries that LPSolutions cater to are: Service Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC, Handyman, Flood damage restoration, carpet/floor cleaners, pest control, Appliance Repair, home alarm installation, commercial and janitorial services, computer repair, general contracting, glass and mirror, home automation movie theater installation, landscaping and lawn care, auto mechanics, Pool and spa services, Painters, tree trimming and whatever else you can think of.

LPSolutions purposely created this platform to cater to the entire service industry, not to just 3 major industries, plumbing, HVAC and Electrical. The cloud based platform is as simple and complex as you want it to be. It provides the basic fundamentals to properly present a sophisticated yet professional price book to your customer. There is no software to download. You can login from any computer because it’s cloud based.

We analyzed our competition and found that they all want to provide prices to you whether you need it or not. You have to pay per trade, so if you do Plumbing and HVAC you have to buy 2 of their books. Depending on the company, you either will get “Industry standard” pricing or you tell them your hourly rate and markup and they will create the books for you. There is absolutely no customization on their end.  What you get is what you see.

We gathered all the deficits that were lacking from each individual company and put them all into 1 book.

What you end up with is:

  • Any trade can use the application.

  • No added expenses to learn about the product. Videos are within the program for each page.

  • No extra charges, your in control of what you print.

  • Techs can’t over or undercharge the customer.

  • Lower startup costs to use our price book.

  • Online access 24/7 with Quick PriceTM to provide specialty pricing for items not found in the price book.

  • Eliminate hard to read invoices and miscalculations on invoices.

  • Employees can enter invoices from any computer, meaning employees can enter invoices at home!

  • Instantly see all profit per job per invoice with just a click with the Profit ManagerTM

  • Adjust your profit to what you want to make per line item.

  • Compatible with Mac OS and Window operating systems.

  • No wait time. Print out price book whenever you want.

  • Adjustable profit on every single item.

  • Lifetime email support.

  • No monthly fees.

  • 1 time charge for yearly access with 1 time yearly renewals.

  • Adjust for inflation, adjust sales tax, adjust your hourly rate and service call whenever you want.

  • Incentive pricing for your employees.

  • Print out only the pages you need for updates

  • No charges per database

  • Employees are paid by the minute, not by commission, salary, flat rate or hourly.

  • And so much more…..

If you have any further questions with the capabilities of the Price Book application please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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