Time is Money – Why You Shouldn’t Reinvent the Wheel

September 14th, 2015

Every time a company tries to recreate an existing product instead of purchasing it from the provider, there’s an incurrence of time and expense involved. The same is true in building their own flat rate systems from scratch.

It is far more beneficial and cost effective to save the time and expenses involved, and to purchase a flat rate pricing system that includes ongoing maintenance and updates. This offers a professional product and allows the contractor to concentrate on his business, allowing him to better serve the needs of the customer.

The flat rate system is tremendously profitable when compared to the system of using a time and materials method. In times past, a company could actually lose money when a technician had more training and skill and completed a task quickly. The faster the technician worked, the less revenue the company received from the service call.

The flat rate pricing system allows technicians to perform a thorough consultation, quote the cost of the repair, and receive approval for the job to be performed. After the job is completed, the invoice is completed and payment is collected in the customer’s home, which cuts down on the time and expenses that can be lost in billing and collection. Customers expect a quoted service repair price, and flat rate pricing can fulfill this expectation.

Any company should have goals that involve increasing customer satisfaction, improving reliability and profitability for the company, all while setting a high value on quality of service. By adopting an existing flat rate pricing system, these goals can be met, dramatically enhancing the overall day-to-day operations of the company.

If you’re looking to switch to a flat rate pricing system, we can help. Contact us at LPSpricebook@gmail.com or comment below and we’ll work with you to create a flat rate price book system that is customized to you and your needs.


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