Profit Generator App

The Profit Generator App will help you understand the critical factors impacting your business and will help you focus and realign with a new business strategy in 3 simple pages.

You Need a Strategy and a Plan if You Want to See Real Results

Let the Profit Generator show you calculations that will open your eyes to a completely different way of doing business.
Enter a few numbers from you financial statement and see what your financial statement is really telling you.

The majority of small service companies (under 20 employees) do not take their financial profit and loss or income statements
into consideration when hiring new employees, buying new vehicles, buying new equipment and raising their hourly rate.

The majority of small service companies, in regards to their hourly rate, undercharge their customers by as much as
$12 - $46 per hour. ($46,000-$176,000…..PROFIT per year based on $455,000 total sales)…and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

“Wherever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” - Peter Drucker

The app other companies don’t want you to know about. Not sold in the app store!

Money Bag Icon | Profit & Loss | Business
Your company’s real hourly rate
The most overlooked, ignored and most important number in owning a business. Let the Profit Generator give you the RIGHT number.
Vacation Icon | benefits for Employees
Calculate a vacation.
Enter the amount of money a vacation will cost. The app will calculate how much to raise your hourly rate to achieve this goal monthly and yearly.
Group of Employees | Service Industry
Calculations to add or remove employees.
How much will your sales increase, your cost of goods sold and your operating expenses? How will this impact your company if you hire or let go 2, 5 or 10 employees?
Analysis | Business | LP Solutions
Analyze and compare in non-accounting terms.
P&L statements are hard enough to understand. Everything in the app are in terms you can understand with no difficult accounting terms. Create “What if” scenarios with employees, sales, your hourly rate and so much more!
A Clock Icon | Service Industry Software
Average time and price per invoice.
Visibly post average times and invoice numbers per month. Use this as a monthly incentive for employees. Make a benchmark with these numbers. Employees will know where they stand.
Icon of Moving Truck | Service Industry
Calculate for major expenses before making them.
You may have the cash for that major expense but….Who told you that you needed a new truck? How do you know you need it?

This app will also calculate:

This app will literally tell you “Yes” or “No” on hiring a new employee based on your calculations.
How much a new employee will increase your sales, goods sold, increase profits/decrease profits and so much more….

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how the Profit Generator App can help your business

Profit Generator App
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Profit Generator App
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Profit Generator App
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