Using a Price Book to Make Upsells Easier

December 14th, 2015

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It’s a fact of life that not everyone is a salesman. This can make it very difficult for people who are deliver excellent quality, but find selling their services to be difficult. While not everyone is born to sell, a good price book can make sales easier to achieve and can also encourage upsells in a way that is easy and comfortable for most employees. This is due to the simple fact that with a price book, most services will upsell themselves with little effort.

Here’s an example of how this can happen.

You receive a call from a homeowner requesting an estimate for a job they’re needing done. You walk through and survey the scene and take a price book to the owner to discuss cost.

You walk the homeowner through the price book allowing them to see that the prices are both fixed and fair. This helps to foster trust and to build rapport with the customer when they see that that your price doesn’t fluctuate and is affordable.

While consulting the price book for the job you were called to perform, you let the homeowner know that while you were estimating the work and cost, you noticed other trouble areas that will cause future problems if left unattended.

The homeowner flips through the price book to see the cost of the additional work. This makes it easy for the homeowner to see what the cost will be and how cost effective it would be to do now as opposed to later when the damage has progressed.

At the homeowner’s approval, you complete the initial job along with replacing the trouble areas that you noticed earlier. You do all this without having to ever upsell yourself.

The client will be pleased and you’ll leave happy knowing you were able to garnish more revenue for your services than what you had initially expected. This is all due to a flat price book.

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